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Through The Looking Glass
Squares and Drapes don't Mix 2
Extrem Madness
Quotes, Jokes, and Ramdomeness
'This is my favorite show!'
Chesire Cat
Johnny B. Goode

Disclaimer: I don’t own dbz or any of its characters.

Chapter 2
the beginning of the end
hBulma finished painting her last fingernail and sat back in the couch,
waiting for the nail polish to dry. Her friend 18 was sitting next to her
watching TV. She’d been going between three channels for an hour already.
One was showing music videos, one was playing a movie, Dracula, and the
other was playing a home decorating show.
“This is sooooo... boring.” 18 said “let’s go to the mall or something”
“Um... okay,” Bulma agreed. “Just wait for me to put some make up on”
“Fine” 18 groaned.
Bulma got up and went into the bathroom. She put on a little bit of
lipstick, and some eye makeup. Then put her hair into a ponytail on top of
her head. When she came out 18 was waiting outside. Bulma slipped her shoes
on grabbed her car keys and headed for her car. 18 hopped into the
passenger seat and picked out a cd to listen too.
The girls sang to the music as they drove to the mall. Suddenly, the car
started to vibrate. A bewhildered Bulma pulled over to see what was wrong.
Bulma went to look under the car roof but didn’t see anything wrong. She
hopped back in the car and tried to start it again. No luck.
“great,” she said, “just great!”
“it’s not that bad, we’ll just phone someone to pick us up?” 18 told her.
“good idea” Bulma took out her cell phone and dialed Yamcha’s number.
The phone rang atleast twelve times before it was picked up.
“What?” an angry voice answered.
“Yamcha? It’s Bulma.”
“Oh, hey babe, um.....” said a nervous yamcha. “what do you need?”
“um... You see, my car broke down and I was wonderin g if you could come and
pick me up?”
“um... well... I’m kind of busy right now, I’ve got a rather important friend
over and...”
“Yamcha?” a girlie voice on the other end of the phone asked. “who are you
talking to? Come back over here. It’s cold without you.”
“who’s that?” Bulma asked in an angry voice.
“that was...” yamcha started. “Maron,” he whispered to the girl voice. “be
“Maron? She’s your important guest?”
“well yes... I mean no!”
“you.. you... you bastard!” Bulma yelled at him, “I can’t believe you’d do
this to me!”
“well... it’s not like you’re giving me any thing! I...” Bulma hung up the
“what happened?” 18 asked, even though she already had a pretty good idea.
Bulma didn’t answer.
I’ll get him back for this! She told her self. And I know just who I’ll get
to help!
“Bulma,” 18 asked as an evil smile spread across her friends face. “what
are you think?”
“I’m gonna need your help.”