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Through The Looking Glass
squares and Drapes don't mix 1
Extrem Madness
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'This is my favorite show!'
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Johnny B. Goode

Disclaimer: I don’t own DBZ or any of it’s characters.

Chapter one
Love at first site?

The last bell of the day sounded and all the students at orange high school
were rushing out of the main entrance to the school.
Prince Vegeta and his Gang, Goku, Chi-Chi, Radditz, and Nappa, were
standing by his very slinkster car, a Black Porshe with royal blue flames
painted on the sides, watching people walk by, listening to music, and just
looking kool. once in a while they’d stick out their foot and trip an
unexpected passer by and laugh as they fell flat on their face!
“Vegeta,” Chi-Chi said after tripping an little eighth grader, “this is
getting boring!”
“yeah.” Her boyfriend, Goku, agreed “Can’t we go bug some squares or
somethin’? that’s always fun! ”
Vegeta nodded and they went to go bug the squares, other wise known as the
rich kids, who hung out by the schools main doors.

Bulma Briefs was a very pretty and very popular girl with beautiful blue
hair and eyes. She was a straight A student and had a clean record.
When the final bell rang she quickly hurried out of her socials class to
meet with her boyfriend, Yamcha.
She sat down on a patch of grass close to the school doors. She smiled and
waved to her friends as they passed, occasionally one would stop and chat
with her for a while before running off to catch a bus or something.
She suddenly heard some loud music coming from the parking lot. She
turned to see who was playing it and saw the ‘saiyjin’ gang standing by
their car. The girl with them tripped a ninth grader and they all burst out
laughing. Why did they find that so funny, she asked herself. Her eyes fell
on the shortest of the gang. A boy with flame like hair and dark black
eyes. He must be Vegeta, she thought, he’s kind of cute! Wait where did
that come from? He’s a drape Bulma! She scolded herself, and they’re no
“hi honey,”
Bulma looked up. Yamcha and his friends were standing in front of her.
“sorry I’m late,” her boyfriend continued, “but I had to wait for Krillin
to get out of detention.”
“that’s alright” she told him calmly.
Yamcha and his friends started talking about a party they were planning.
Bulma just listened, saying something every once in a while.
“we should have some beer too.” Yamcha said. Bulma was going to complain
about this. But before she could open her mouth another voice spoke.
“wow, you squares aren’t as perfect as people think.”
Bulma turned to see who it was and the saiyjin gang standing behind them,
“what do you want?” Yamcha asked, angrily. Don’t you have some little kid
to pick on?” Bulma gave him a questioning look.
“They’re not any fun.” Vegeta explained. “they don’t fight back. We needed
to find some one who would at least try to and you squares always do.”
“well” Bulma said calmly “you’ll have to find someone else. Because we’re

Vegeta stared at the blue haired girl. She was pretty brave no girl had
ever stood up to him before.
“it didn’t sound like you were leaving.” He said. The girl looked down at
her feet for a seconded. Then looked back at him she opened her mouth to
say something but the scar faced kid interrupted.
“well we are now.” He said. The girl looked up at him angrily. Wow, Vegeta
thought, she is beautiful when she’s angry.
“come on .” the scar kid said. He wrapped his arm around the girls waist
and lead her away. They walked into the parking lot a walked off to their
cars. Scar face kissed the girl on the cheek then walked off to his car and
the girl walked over to hers which happened to be beside his.
He turned to his gang.
“Lucky us,” he said, smiling wickedly. “looks like there is still a square
to bug.” They laughed and headed towards her.
Bulma was looking for her keys.
”damn it,” she said out loud, “where did I put my keys?”
“beats me!”
She turned around and saw Vegeta and his friends .
“oh,” she said coldly “it’s you. What do you want?”
“our car is here.” He said.
“I know. But why are you talking to me? You do know that you don’t have to
start conversations with every person you park next to.”
“no. you start them with the people who park next to you.”
She found her keys. And went to walk over to the driver’s door (she was
standing in front of the car K?) but Vegeta grabbed her arm. He spun her
around to face him. and just stared at her.
“WHAT?” Bulma yelled at him.
“you look like a square.”
“um... yeah that mite be because I am a square.”
“yes, but you don’t act like one.”
“wow, thank you so much for the compliment!” she said sarcastically. Vegeta
“you really do act like one of us.” He said. “but your much too pretty.”
He stared at her for a second then lowered his mouth to hers, and kissed.
Bulma lifted her arms to his shoulders to push him away but ended
rapping them around his neck . Radditz, Nappa and Goku whistled. And Chi-
Chi cheered.
Vegeta pulled his lips away from hers and smiled.
“You taste good.” He said. Then went to kiss her again but Bulma held him
“please don’t” she whispered.
“what?” Vegeta stared at her. “why? You seemed to like it.”
Chi-Chi stared at Bulma for a second then said “she has a boyfriend ‘Geta.
That scar kid.”
Vegeta frowned “I see. you could do much better then that woman.”
“yeah?” Bulma asked. “and who would that be? You?”
Vegeta smirked. “sure” he said “why not.” He bent down to kiss her again.
“No!” Bulma yelled “I have to go!”
“so? let me kiss you good bye then” he kissed lightly on the lips then let
her up. “good bye woman see you tomorrow.”
Bulma got into her car. And drove away.
“so vegeta,” Radditz asked, “what got into you?”
“you gonna’ try to make her your girlfriend?” Chi-Chi asked.
Vegeta smiled. “try? No. I will make her my girlfriend!”

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