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Through The Looking Glass

Quotes, Jokes, and Ramdomeness

Extrem Madness
Quotes, Jokes, and Ramdomeness
'This is my favorite show!'
Chesire Cat
Johnny B. Goode

My KiNgDoM fOr A qUoTe!

"Smacky hold him!"-Invader Zim
"Electric bills are for squares...LIKE PANTS!"-Timmy's Dad
"After bronze they're are only losers..."-Gabby
"We'd better stop before we get frain breeze..."-Naz
"You could be Usopp haha you have a really big...*laughs really hard*"
"A big what?"-Liz and Gabby
"K.O.? This must be a capcom game!"-Mouse
"it's like there's a party in my cloak and i just killed every one with my thoughts.....THAT'S AWESOME!!!!"-The lord of the rings the return of the fellowship of the two kings towers
"Haha you have a really big sword!"
"Yeah well you have a big staff SO HA!"-Liz and Gabby
"You ditched me...Bite me lestat!"-Liz and Alice
"Whoa he has a really big fat mandrake...oh dear god what have i said?!"-Gabby
"Look Marry it's Frodo Baggins I want to jump him!"-Mouse
"No that's scabbers...on his shoulder..."
"Oh...I KNEW THAT!"-Mouse and Gabby
"A cat is that what they told you? I looks more like a pig with hair if you ask me!"-Ron
"Oh not very friendly! I think it's time that we taught Weasel Bee how to respect his supiriors!"-Draco
"I'm impressed that Hachi brought us this far considering the strong demonic aura."-Miroku
"Ron tranvestite!"-Jennifer
"DONKEY!"-Timmy's dad and Cosmo
"What would happen if Miroku was groping somebody and his prayer beeds fell off?"
"*stares blankly for a few seconds* Ask Nat..."-Mouse and Alice

Anwers at the bottom THINK ABOUT IT FIRST YOU FOOL!
Warning some jokes are just too good to bare!
1) How do you get 1000 dead babies into a phone booth?
2) How do you get them out?
3)What's worse than 1000 dead babies in one tree?
4) What's the difference inbetween a cadilac and 1000 dead babies?
5) Santa Claus, the easter bunny, a smart blond and a dumb blond are walking down the street and they see a 20$ bill. Who gets it first?
6) Why was the dumb blond fired form the M&M factory?
1) A blender
2) A straw
3) One dead baby in 1000 trees
4) I don't have a cadilac in my basement...
5) The dumb blond because the other three don't exist!
6) Because she ate all the W's

"You, obey the fist!"