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Through The Looking Glass
Night Haunters
Extrem Madness
Quotes, Jokes, and Ramdomeness
'This is my favorite show!'
Chesire Cat
Johnny B. Goode

Night Haunters

Story By: Alison Herron

   Art By: Liz Hughes


**…**= person/place/ thing description

(…)      = Thoughts

*…*    = Actions






                ** A Castle of a house sits on top of a hill. The moon shines brightly in the background. Inside: IT’S PARTY TIME!!

                                A stage with musicians is at one end of the room and a large throne sits at the other. “People” are dancing between the two. Two gorgeous boys are sitting by the chair, one on it and one on the floor in front.**






                You’re a Bastard, Adonis!



                I do my best! *smirks* Why aren’t you dancing? You always dance…



                Too worried… Why did you say it was alright to go against the peace order?



                Because… I felt like it… I can …and it is! The humans are too afraid to try anything. They know we cannot be controlled… Damon, I need you to trust me…


Damon (floor-boy):

                I know…




                ** Night time. An Elderly man is asleep in front of his TV. The TV shows a lady with straight blond hair and false smile sitting behind a desk. ‘24/7 news’ is written on the wall behind her**


[Zoom on TV]

News reporter:

                And now, an update on this weeks murders… Five more victims were found last night, but they where not those of thieves, hobos, or drug dealers. No, they where those of the more noble citizens of this planet. Katie and Zack Darcy, and Benjamin Fidles, were the only bodies left recognizable. The other two have not yet been identified.  Authorities have admitted that they are Vampire attacks, but refuse to solve the situations, saying that to do so may shatter the “friendship” between the Vamps and Humans.


*A shadowy figure stops in front of the window opposite the TV. It’s wearing a hooded cloak**



Not again!  *looks up*  Cate?


                **another figure appears in front of the window… this one falls from the sky.**



What’s up?



                Those damn Vampires! They broke their promise again! Zee and the others worked so hard to put that peace treated in place and they totally just stabbed them in the back!



Sooo… Let’s go talk to them… but later… we have more important things to take care of… and I don’t really feel like putting up with a vampire right now!




                **Late Night Pizza. Two girls sit at a small table, a large pizza in front of them.**


                What do you think we should do about those vampires?


                …kick their ass!


                Alice… That’s your answer to everything!


                So…? It’s true! Talking got us no where and…

Girl 1:

                If we just attack them, they’ll fight back… or attack us later.


                *looks down at the table.* Cate?




                Why do you always have to be reasonable?


                It’s my thing…




That’s all I’ve got so far. But I don’t know if I’ll keep the first part with the Vampires… I may just cut it out…. Anywho tell me what you think.