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Through The Looking Glass
Extrem Madness
Quotes, Jokes, and Ramdomeness
'This is my favorite show!'
Chesire Cat
Johnny B. Goode

Chapter one:


Alright boys and girls, listen up! You’ll need to pay attention if you want to understand this story, and I don’t like repeating myself.


My name’s Casey and I’m a fearie.

Now, I know you probably think I’m some little three inch creature with Dragonfly wings and blue skin. That I fly around and grant wishes and shit! Well, just so you know you are 90% wrong.

I’m Exactly 5’9” with dark, spiky, blue hair. I have wings but, fearie wings are very complicated so I will explain them to you when they are important. Instead of blowing you way with so much useless info.

Of course you should have realized that your views on fearies where only incorrect by 90%. Which of course means that, unless you’re a fucking idiot, you would have realized that you are 10% correct.

I some times have to grant wishes and my skin is slightly blue…

I live in the city. I recently moved there. But unfortunately, I will not be explaining that to you until much later.

The story I need to tell you happened two years ago.

If I was a human I would’ve been around 40 but since I’m a fearie and I age very slowly I only looked around 17.

At the time I was living with my mother, the lovely Lahela, my brothers, Conn and Finian, my four little sisters, Catie, Robin, Leianna, and Fiona, and my Uncle Aidan.

Incase you are wondering, Conn, Finian and my Uncle all looked pretty much the same… but here’s what was different: Uncle’s hair was grey, Conn was over 6 feet tall and Finian had darker skin. We all had hazel eyes.

My mother and sisters, all but Fiona, where so very different.

My mother was around my height. She had long silvery hair tinted blue. It flowed down to her waste and looked like a magical waterfall. She had lovely dark green eyes and ivory skin. She’d always wear gypsy like skirts with silver bracelets on her wrists and ankles.

Catie and Robin, aka the twins, had shoulder length red hair with blue streaks. They were very tough, which was good because they had me as a brother. Catie was tall with brown eyes; Robin was short with green eyes.

Leianna had my mothers hair, the wonderful slivery blue. She would wear it in perfect ringlets or tied back with a black ribbon. She had sapphire eyes always filled with curiosity. Fiona was the baby girl form of me.

We lived out in the country. And where very happy. When the weather was nice; Catie and Robin would take Leianna down to a pond, ten minutes away, and catch water spiders or fish in plastic buckets. Mother would sit in the garden with Fiona and read to her. My brothers and I often helped our uncle around the house. We had to set up new thoghrns every day.

Thoghrns are alarm systems. You set them up 5 feet from each other on the perimeter of your land. You type a code, which is actually a DNA serial number, and set the timer. When the clock reaches the time you set, the Thoghrns go into guard mode and anything that approaches your land, and does not share the same DNA number then the one punched in is sprayed with a twenty four hour lasting sleeping gas.

The only problem with Thoghrns is that if they are less than five feet away from each other they’ll sense the other Thoghrns and try to destroy it while intruders walk past it. And if they are to far apart there will be a blind spot the system.

Which is how my life got fucked up.