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Through The Looking Glass
Extrem Madness
Quotes, Jokes, and Ramdomeness
'This is my favorite show!'
Chesire Cat
Johnny B. Goode


When Katharine’s grandfather died, she asked her mother what would become of him. Would he sleep in the wooden box forever? Was he going to come back? Reasonable questions a six year old might ask.

“Honey,” she whispered, hugging her daughter. “Grandpa’s not coming back. He can’t and he wouldn’t want to.”

“Why not?” Katharine asked, “does he not want to see me again?”

“No, I bet he’d love to be able to see you again. But he’s gone to heaven sweetie.”

“Heaven…” Katharine repeated.

“Yes,” Her mother whispered, “when we die our spirits float up to heaven.”

Katharine’s sadness slowly faded. Grandfather was in a much better place.

Of course this is only human fantasies. The real world works differently.

Humans are confined to Earth for now and forever. While they live and when they die.

Heaven and Hell are off limits, to all humans, dead or alive, innocent or evil. And the guardians, the winged creatures people claim to be their saviors, the beings mistaken for the peoples of heaven, are quiet literally fairy tale creatures.

For they are the fearies and they are most innocent out of all the angels ever created.

And even they aren’t that good.