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Through The Looking Glass
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Extrem Madness
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Chapter three:

Bulma walked out of the school and headed for the foot ball feild. Today was the day she’d get back a Yamcha. Her plan probably wasn’t the best thing she could do, but she wasn’t very experienced with the whole revenge thing.(A.N.: as you’ll soon find out neither am i!)

The plan consisted of 3 things.

1)Break up with Yamcha

2)Ruin his reputation.

3)Date Vegata so every one will thing Yamcha is a dork how lost his girl to a drape.

Bulma sighed, and remembered the phone message Yamcha had left her last night.

"The message

“Hey babes, it’s Yamcha. I was just phoning to make sure we were still cool and, you know, still going out. Because you know it would really hurt me if you decided to break up.

Talk to you later.

End message"

Bulma had phoned him back and left him a message saying that she’d like to met him on the bleachers at lunch, that was where every “important” kid hung out. If she broke up with Yamcha in front of all of them, it was certain that the whole school would know that they he’d been dumped by the end of the day.

The blue haired teen, reached the bleachers and started to climb to the top bench. 18 and the rest of Yamcha and Bulma’s friends where already there waiting.

Bulma sat down and started talking to 18 about their idiot math teacher when Yamcha’s voice floated through her ears.

“Bulma! Baby! What’s up?”

Bulma stood up, stared at him, took a deep breath and began to scream at him.


“What are you talking about?” Yamcha asked, nervously. Every one was staring at them.


“so what?” Yamcha asked his voice raising slightly. “you gonna dump me now?” He gave her an I-dare-you-to-try look.

“yes,” Bulma answer, smirking, “that’s exactly what I’m doing!”

Whispers started up at once. Some people disappeared to go tell their other friends; last weeks perfect couple had broken up!

It was 4:30 and on the school’s grade nine volleyball team had won for the third time in a row. Katie and her friends walked through the gym doors and out into the hall.

“wasn’t that a great game!” Ollie laughed.

“yeah,” Alita agreed, “we played so well.”

All three girls walked down hall laughing and talking. They exited the building, and stopped in their tracks. Katie started to shake with laughter at what they saw. Mr. Montgomery, the school’s principal, was sitting in his white sports car with a look of horror on his face.

Sitting around the car where the school bullies. The lone girl in the Gang was on the roof of the car with her boyfriend, their faces seemed stuck together. The gang leader, who the girls knew as Vegeta, and the two other members where spry painting the car’s body. They didn’t notice the girls, that was until Katie burst out laughing. They all turned and stared at the ninth graders, the girl and her frined had managed to detach their faces.

“what are you laughing at brat?” the boy with really long spiky hair asked. “get lost!”

Ollie and Alita nodded and started walking by the parking lot, ignoring the bullies and pulling Katie with them.

“Hey,” Ollie said in her loud voice, not noticing Vegeta’s gang was still watching and listening to them. “Did you two here that the Bulma Breifs Girl?”

Vegeta and his friends exchanged looks then followed the oblivious teens to hear what they where talking about.

“Yup.” Alita answered.

“Who’s Bulma?” Katie asked.

“she’s in grade twelve. Has blue hair.”

“oh her!” Katie exclaimed. “yeah I know about that, my big sister was there!”

“Yay! For you!” Ollie said rolling her eyes.

“She broke up with her Boyfriend didn’t she?” Katie asked her best friends.

“WHAT?” a whole bunch of voices yelled.

The girls all jumped and turned to see the bullies standing behind them.