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Through The Looking Glass

Extrem Madness

Extrem Madness
Quotes, Jokes, and Ramdomeness
'This is my favorite show!'
Chesire Cat
Johnny B. Goode




Movies: Kill Bill (both), Harry Potter (one, two, three and soon to be four), the village (any movies by that director) and uh the Inuyasha movies

Holliday: MARCH BREAK! And Christmas yeah…

Food: Stuffed jalapeño peppers, peppers (not green) and pasta

Candy: every kind I like it…but not oh Henry

Sport: Softball and volleyball

Song: She will be loved (Maroon 5) and Do the bartman (in Japanese)

Band: Maroon 5, Greenday

Singer: Eminem

CD: Maroon 5, Greenday, Steal this Album ect.

Book: Harry Potter books

Author: ME no just kidding J.K. Rowling

Actor: Rupert Grint, Jim Carrey,Tim Roth

Actress: Uma Thurman,

TV show: Inuyasha, fairly odd parents, Witch Hunter Robin, Danny Phantom…some other stuff I can’t remember

Amusement Park Ride: Rainbow (used to be they took it away GRR) and The Crazy Beach Partay!

Language: German (they always seem so angry)

Jewelry: Spike bracelets

Time Period: Ancient Egypt! Yay!

Comic Book: Inuyasha, Marmalade boy and uh Yu-gi-oh I guess…

Manga: Dunno

Anime: Inuyasha

Colour: RED

Country: Canada

Other: Your mother is a monkey teehee


Least Favorite.....


Movies: Oh god where do I start Queen of the damned, virtually any movie with a singer trying to act (gross) oh NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (but it is really funny in fast forward!) 

Holliday: Saint Patrick’s day…(What is the point?)

Food: Pirogues

Candy: Oh Henrys

Sport: Cricket and uh hockey and football

Song: I kiss you (although it’s very good for bugging Alice)

Band: Simple Plan

Singer: uh that dude FROM simple plan

CD: the Simple Plan C.D.

Book: The book about Simple Plan

Author: Simple Plan

Actor: the drummer from simple plan

Actress: The #1 groupie for Simple Plan

TV show: The Simple Plan show

Amusement Park Ride: Simple Plan ‘till you barf (What they do is they strap you in and spin you around while listening to Simple Plan and they do it until you puke your guts out or just start screaming from the insanity)

Language: Simpa’ Plano

Jewlery: Bling, Bling

Time Period: When Simple Plan was new and they played them ALL the time!

Comic Book: Simple Plan meets the smurfs

Manga: I don’t know anymore…

Anime: I think I’m gonna cry

Colour: Blue

Country: Simple Country

Other: I hate Simple Plan oh good god I hate them so! HAHAHAHAHA Me gonna kill them!




Movies: Lion King, Troy, Interview with the vampire, Pirates of the Caribbean

Holliday: Halloween

FooD: Pancakes/Waffles

Candy: Coffee Crisp

Sport: Softball, Wrestling

Song: Bounce, I saw her standing there, Jailhouse Rock, teenage mutant ninja turtles theme(from the 80’s cartoon), wicked Dickie

Band: Rasputina, System of a Down, The Beatles

Singer: Elvis, Serj(singer from system of a down)

CD: System of a down, Frustration Plantation/ thanks for the ether

Book: The Vampire Armand, Silence of the Lambs

Author: Anne Rice

Actor: Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Antonio Banderas

Actress: Miranda Richardson

Tv show: Invader Zim

Amusement Park Ride: Any and all Roller coasters

Language: Japanese

Jewlery: Spike Bracelets

Time Period: Renaissance

Comic Book: JTHM

Manga: Angle Sanctuary, Yu-Gi-Oh!

Anime: Yu-Gi-Oh!, Inu-yasha

Colour: Violet/blue

Country: Italy

Other: Lattés


Least Favorite.....


Movies: King Aurthor

Holliday: Valentine’s Day

FooD: Fish, Pork, Pizza

Candy: Pixie Sticks

Sport: Rubby, football, soccer

Song: too much to type

Band: too many!!

Singer: Still too many!!

CD: waaaaaaaaaay too many!

Book: Princess Diaries

Actor: …. Who ever plays Armand in Queen of the Damned.

Actress: …who ever play tough cookie in queen of the damned

Tv show: Lizzie Maguire

Amusement Park Ride: Bumper cars!

Language: English….

Jewlery: pink plastic bead necklaces

Time Period: NOW!!

Comic Book: Dare Devil

Manga: Duel Masters

Anime: Duel Masters

Colour: dark yellow-greens (Yuk!)

Country: don’t have one…

Other: War!



"look what i found he smells real bad!!"